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How To Distinguish The Front And Back Of Medical Mask

Medical surgical masks (that is,Medical Mask common blue flat disposable masks) look at the front and back, how to divide the front and back of the medical mask? Very simple, the darker color of the mask is the front,Medical Mask the front should be facing out, and there are metal strips for nose clips on the medical mask. The face that is facing the face should be the reverse side of the medical mask, that is, the lighter side. In addition, pay attention to the part with the metal strip above the mask. Don't wear it backwards.

After distinguishing the front and back sides of the medical mask and the upper and lower ends, wash your hands first and check whether the packaging of the medical mask is intact and whether there is any damage to the appearance of the stain. Place the medical mask across the face, nose and nose, and use both hands to hang the ropes at both ends on the ears. Use both hands to pull the folds of the medical mask up and down so that the mask can completely cover the nose, mouth and chin. Use the index fingers of both hands to squeeze the metal strips on both sides of the nose bridge,Medical Mask so that the upper end of the medical mask can be close to the nose bridge,Medical Mask and the wearing is completed.

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